Laparoscopic and open Right hemicolectomy, Left Hemicolectomy, Sigmoid resection, Anterior Resection, Low anterior resection, Abdominoperineal resection, Subtotal colectomy , Total colectomy, Ileal pouch anal anastomosis , segmental colectomy, ileocaecal resection are being performed .

- Colorectal Cancers - Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy, Left Hemicolectomy, Sigmoid resection, Low anterior resections and Abdominoperineal Resections and stapled pouch anastomosis (IPAA) are carried out routinely. All attempts are made at sphincter preservation. Laparoscopic colorectal resections are being taken up depending on patient preference and suitability.

- Polyposis Syndrome - Patients with various polyposis syndromes are evaluated fully in the department for coexisting pathology and are offered sphincter-preserving procedures like Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis and Hemicolectomies.

- Inflammatory Bowel Diseases - Inflammatory bowel disease like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease are handled in consultation with the Medical Gastroenterology department and treated accordingly. Staged procedures for complicated IBD and management of fistulas.

- Abdominal Tuberculosis - The advanced facilities available in the hospital permit non invasive or minimally invasive confirmation of this often obscure pathology.

- Rectal Prolapse - Rectal prolapse is being treated routinely by Laparoscopic Rectopexy, thus allowing early return to activity for the patients.

- Complicated Perianal Conditions - the evaluation and management of complex perianal fistulae is aided greatly by the excellent imaging modalities of conventional and MR fistulograms done in the Radiology department. Stapler hemorrhoidectomy is offered to patients at their choice, avoiding the painful and prolonged convalescence after piles surgery.

- Anal Sphincter Reconstruction and Augmentation -Reconstruction of anal sphincter with muscle transfer procedures are done for patients with incontinence due to traumatic injuries to the sphincter.