• Liver Surgery - Laparoscopic and open liver resections like Extended Right , Right and Left Hepatectomy, Segmental Resections, Laparoscopic Hydatid Cyst Surgeryand Lap liver surgeries for cystic diseases of the liverare done routinely.Major liver resections are undertaken routinely for primary cancers of the liver and the biliary tree.

• Pancreatic Surgery - Depending on the circumstances, this minimally invasive procedure can be used in pancreatic surgery.Whipple's Procedure for periampullary carcinoma and carcinoma head of the pancreas, Distal pancreaticosplenectomy and spleen preserving pancreatic resections for lesions of distal body and tail of pancreas, Lateral Pancreaticojejunostomy for chronic pancreatitis, Video Assisted Retroperitoneal Drainage( VARD) for pancreatic necrosis and Laparoscopic cystogastrostomy or cystojejunostomy for pancreatic pseudocyst are done.Major pancreatic resections are being done with results comparable with the best centers in the world.

• Biliary Surgery - Laparoscopic and open CBD exploration, Radical Cholecystectomy for carcinoma gall bladder, Choledochal cyst excision and hepaticojejunostomy, Roux en Y Hepaticojejunostomy for benign biliary stricture are done with results equivalent to any specialized centre of the world.

• Bile duct and gall bladder cancer - Palliative and curative resections for biliary cancer and palliative drainage procedures are performed. Combined liver and bile duct resection for advanced bile duct cancers are being performed regularly with excellent results. Patients who have inoperable disease are offered various palliative measures for jaundice like stenting or bypass procedures.